Future-Proof-Income was founded in 2014 as a spin-off from its parent Angel Investment, LLC in order to focus on client only educational services and opportunities. Angel Investment, LLC is an acquisition company seeking Multifamily assets using proven data driven technical methods.

Founder, Len Grosso has been a Real Estate investor for 19 years. Starting with a 4-plex in a “bad area” and utilizing tax deferral under the 1031 Starker exchange rules traded into several single family homes and other later exchanges.

Len played in the traded markets over a longer time, including testing various trading techniques as a devotee of the Investors Business Daily method. As Zig Zigler used to say – you can be 90% right or you can be 95% right …

Len takes pride in being an analyst. Looking back Len jokes about opening locks and unraveling tangled wire at 4 – 5 years old as the beginning of his lifelong compulsion of getting at the root of things.

His background in Physics and Mathematics combined with his professional Project Management experience and his obsession with puzzles, problems and analysis come together to create a solid case for Commercial Multifamily Real Estate.

Nb We and Us used in this site refer to Future-Proof-Income and trusted partners who may provide goods or services. Future-Proof-Income has partnered with a highly successful Commercial Real Estate company which has grown to over 100 million dollars in assets under management since 2007.