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A hugely important concept and practice, focus, is the reason things get done in a day by some and take months by others.
Focus is the reason checklists are so helpful to busy people juggling many items. Let’s face it, a person can only do one thinking task at a time. When […]

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Investments: Do you prefer Control or Hope?

Thank you Robert Kiyosaki for pointing this out: An important distinction between Real Estate and the Traded (Stocks Bonds etc) market is the aspect of control. When you buy a stock you have no control over your asset. It’s all in the hands of the company, the fear / greed driven […]

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To Roth or Not to Roth

If this question plagues you don’t feel bad. Between the abilities of the IRS to write succinct and clear documentation and the clouds of misunderstanding I was in the same place. But as it seems to be my lot in life to express things in the shortest possible manner I give you my straightforward […]

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The road from Project Management to Real Estate Investing

How / why it’s a great lead in to RE.
Project assessment; does the prospective project make sense? Does it give back a valued return? The question leads to an assessment of the cost of the project vs the benefit. Look at a property deal as a project and […]

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Why does market selection matter in Commercial Real Estate?

Let’s start with a quick story:

Everywhere I travel I can’t help notice Real Estate. And just about everywhere I go there are attractive properties for sale. In my travels to upstate New York, there were beautiful classic homes on the market. They were built […]

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